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COVID-19 has taught new ways of keeping fit, says Ikoyi Club’s Okoro

Necessity is the mother of invention. That is the cliché that aptly describes the many creative ways the world have adopted in fighting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


With all sporting activities suspended in Nigeria, sportsmen and women have devised ways of keeping fit and clear-headed in the absurd pandemic.

One of the sportsmen affected by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is the Vice-Captain of Ikoyi Golf Club and a renowned Lagos-based Estate Surveyor, Dr. Innocent Meckson Okoro.

The golf activist is happy that he is now able to get back to the course following the government’s decision to lift the ban on sporting activities.

Dr. Okoro, who explained that he walked 10 kilometres daily to maintain his fitness and stamina during this period, expressed joy that things would soon return to normal.

“I love and have an unquenchable appétit for golfing, which I have played for about 17 years. But when all the golf courses in Nigeria were locked because of the pandemic, what I did to maintain my fitness was to go walking.

“From my house in Lekki Phase One, I did 10 kilometres trekking on that Ikoyi Lekki Bridge daily in order to keep fit and be in-tune with the standard I have set in golf.”

He disclosed that he has regained his swing, admitting, however, that his game has gone down a bit.

“At a point, I was on 16 handicaps, but I have dropped to 19, 21, But I am now working hard to climb back to 15, 16 in the next six months,” he said.

Okoro said he contested and became the vice-captain of the Golf Section at Ikoyi Club because of his love for the sport.


“I contested the position of vice-captain of Ikoyi Club for several years before I succeeded on the fourth attempt. That’s how dogged and resilient I am, and by the special grace of God, I will be the captain of the Ikoyi Golf Club section come February 2021,” he enthused.

The golfer, who is the CEO of M. I. Okoro & Associates, is known for his sponsorship of competitions at the Ikoyi Club, apart from having served in various capacities at the club.

“When I turned 50, it was one of the biggest birthday kitties we have ever had in Ikoyi Club. Apart from that, I have travelled extensively playing golf around the world, including in Brazil, Las Vegas, Kingston, Spain, Germany, London and even in South Africa. So, you can see how much I have missed the game during the pandemic,” Okoro said.

He promised to be in Ibadan to participate in the Captain’s Day Golf Tournament designed to celebrate the end of tenure of Col. Ade Sunmonu as the Captain of Ibadan Golf Club.

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